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9.6 Score

[1.7.2/1.6.4] Damage Indicators Mod Download

This Mod can shows the current health bar of the mobs in your Minecraft. This Mod requires Forge.      

9.2 Score

[1.7.4] Cave Generation Mod Download

9.2 Score

[1.7.4] No Void Fog Mod Download

9.8 Score

[1.6.4] Oceania Mod Download

This Mod adds a lot of new content in the oceans in your Minecraft. Submarines, air bubbles and sunken villages. This Mod requires Forge....

9.7 Score

[1.6.4] Enemy Soldiers Mod Download

This Mod adds new weapons and mobs in your Minecraft. Includes an rocket launcher. This Mod requires Forge.

9.2 Score

[1.6.4] Ritual Enchanting Mod Download

Ritual Enchanting Mod changes the way of enchantment in your Minecraft. This Mod requires Forge.      

9.2 Score

[1.6.4] Just Another Better Barrel Attempt Mod Download

This is a simple Mod about storage. This Mod requires Forge.      

9.8 Score

[1.6.4] AssassinCraft Mod Download

This Mod is based on the game Assassin’s Creed. Allows to use all the equipments of Assassin’s Creed in your Minecraft. This Mod requ...

9.7 Score

[1.6.4] Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod Download

This Mod allows you to use up to 3 different weapons sets in your Minecraft. This Mod requires Forge.

9.5 Score

[1.6.4] Card Magic Mod Download

This is an small Mod that adds 5 different cards in your Minecraft. Each card have a different effect. This Mod requires Forge.