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9.8 Score

Pizza Spleef Map Download

This is a Minigame Map that you need eat the toppings to get power-ups.

9.7 Score

[1.6.4/1.7.4] RPGCraft Map Download

This Map is like a RPG game in your Minecraft. Allows to buy and sell items in the towns and discovering secrets.

9.2 Score

[1.7.2] Tetris Escape Map Download

Basically in this map you need to climb to the top on a tetris map to win.

10 Score

[1.7.2] Pokemon Johto and Kanto Map Download

This map is a remake of the Johto and Kanto region in Pokemon. You can go to challenge the champions or discover the secrets of the Map.   ...

9.7 Score

Takarajima Map Download

This is a Minecraft Map of the Japanese island Takarajima in the Pacific. Have lot of things to explore. For example a Ghost Town, caves and some...

9 Score

[1.7.2] Star Trek Voyager Map Download

Complete Map of Star Trk Voyager.