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9.8 Score

[1.6.4] Hamsterrific Mod Download

Hamsterrific Mod allow you to have up to 8 kinds of hamsters. Remember to feed them. This mod requires Forge.

8.1 Score

[1.6.4] Metallurgy Mod Download

This mod adds over than 48 new metals to your Minecraft. You can use them to create Weapons, Armor and more. This mod requires Forge.

9.7 Score

Takarajima Map Download

This is a Minecraft Map of the Japanese island Takarajima in the Pacific. Have lot of things to explore. For example a Ghost Town, caves ...

9 Score

[1.7.2] Star Trek Voyager Map Download

Complete Map of Star Trk Voyager.

9 Score

[1.7.4/1.6.4] [16x] Coterie Craft Texture Pack Download

Coterie Craft is based on Quandary Texture Pack. This Texture pack is an Spin-off.      

9.6 Score

[1.6.4] Metroid Cubed Mod Download

Metroid Cubed is a Mod based on the game Metroid. Includes powerful weapons like the Power Beam, Wave Beam, Nova Beam and more. This mod ...

9.5 Score

[1.6.4] NetherX Mod Download

NetherX is a full mod of new challenges also new Mobs, Armor and more! This mod requires Forge.

10 Score

[1.6.4] Little Blocks Mod Download

Would you like to make miniature crafts? If yes this mod is for you. LittleBlocks Mod allows you to place up to 512 blocks instead of on...

9 Score

[1.6.4] Better Furnaces Mod Download

This Mod adds new Furnaces to your Minecraft. Such as Iron Furnace, Diamond Furnace, Furnace Hell and more. This mod requires Forge.

8.3 Score

[1.6.4] Equivalent Exchange 3 Mod Download

Equivalent Exchange 3 Mod allows you to exchange almost all blocks in the game. This mod requires Forge.