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9.4 Score

[1.6.4] MineBattles Mod Download

This mod allow to choose the knight, soldier, and archer. These mobs can attack and you need evade them. The Mobs are using some armor. T...

8.8 Score

[1.6.4] Kingdom Keys Mod Download

This Mod brings key blades as your game kingdom hearts. Kingdom Keys Mod brings a number of the bug blox and Hearts can drop through any ...

8.5 Score

[1.6.4] Tubes Mod Download

This Mod is designed to give the best item transport and There are lots of kinds of tubes (can be colored). This mod Requires Forge.

9.7 Score

[1.6.4] Witchery Mod Download

The players can explore the magical world of witchcraft using this mod and learn how to control the natural magic. Amazing magical rites ...